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Binocular Harness


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RESA Binocular Harness

Enjoy long hours in the field with binoculars without stressing your neck by using the RESA Binocular Harness. A simple yet effective design distributes the weight of the binoculars on your shoulders providing you with added comfort for extended bird-watching and wildlife viewing.


Why RESA Binocular Harness

  • Sturdy leather component for enhanced comfort and excellent weight carrying capacity.
  • One size fits all.
  • Easy to detach steel hooks and rings help you to share binoculars with others on the field.
  • Specifically designed to help your binoculars to prevent swinging like a pendulum. 
  • Free shipping across India


Why Use a Binocular Harness 

ConvenienceIt becomes very convenient to use your binocular along with your camera even if you are using the telephoto lens. A harness will keep your hands free to drive or to click.

Safety: Harness keeps your binoculars close to your chest/stomach & prevents it from dangling around. This is especially beneficial during the hikes. A neck strap might cause your binoculars to accidentally bump around while you are driving, clicking or hiking.

Neck Stress: A primary reason to use Binocular Harness. Prolonged use of binoculars with neck strap might cause discomfort especially to the kids  & senior citizens. It distributes the weight of the binoculars on your shoulders & makes it easy to use binoculars for the longer duration as our shoulders can carry weight far better than our neck.


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