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Camera Bean Bag


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RESA Camera Bean Bag

Be it a jungle safari or a birding excursion in a car; provide a sturdy support to your camera with a RESA Camera/Photography Bean Bag. These also doubles up as a perfect utility to rest your camera for taking eye-level shots of waders and other birds while laying flat on the ground.

Note: Bean Bag will be shipped empty.

Why RESA Camera Bean Bag

  • Camouflage colour.
  • Wide Funnel for bean filling convenience.
  • Triple protection against oozing of beans – strong zipper, Wide Velcro flap and funnel.
  • Designed to support telephoto lenses comfortably.
  • Strong double stitch to sustain the weight of beans and grains.
  • Long legs give extra stability and wider Velcro strip at the base prevents the movement.
  • Sturdy stitched straps for carrying comfort.
  • The bag could be filled with material of your choice eg beans, grains, styrofoam balls etc
  • The bag will be shipped empty
  • Easy exchange/return in case of the manufacturing defect within 15 days of receipt of the product

Why use Camera Bean Bag

Stability: It offers a much-needed stability to the photographers while using telephoto lenses

Flexibility: It is very versatile & flexible. You could use it during the jungle safari, car excursion or while laying flat on the ground.

Ease of Use: This is what makes a Camera Bean Bag a star. You could carry & use it in different combinations, like on safari gipsy bars, car window, on the rocks (yes, literally), on the ground or sometimes as a pillow for a power nap when there are no birds around 🙂 


Camera Bean Bag Filling:

You could use Styrofoam balls, Beans, Jowar, Rice or even mustard seeds. After all, it boils down to your own comfort.


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